Yogurt with bifidobacteria



  1. Pour the milk into jars (or a large container) depending on your yogurt machine.
  2. Sprinkle a little bit of yogurt bacteria on the milk (at room temperature). The minimum amount for 1 liter of milk, it is less than 0.01 gr.
  3. Close the lids and put the milk in 50C heat for 6-12 hours (time depends on from the amount of bacteria added and the temperature).
  4. When the milk thickens (the time depends on the amount of bacteria added and the temperature), it is very tasty even without additives and much tastier than store-bought without additives yogurts, however, you can add syrup, jam before consumption and other additives as desired.

We recommend first using UHT milk, which is ultra-pasteurized and has the maximum clean from unwanted microflora and guarantees that the bacteria will work as they should and guarantees a good result.
50C heat is provided by any modern oven, but it is better to use yogurt device that is not expensive (starting from 20eur), is easy to use and consumes less electricity.

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