Shipping cost

Bacteria are a group of living organisms, and any deviations from the recommended storage conditions can affect their viability. Therefore, we do everything we can to minimize the impact of external environmental factors and time on the viability of bacteria, so that you receive a higher quality product.

On hot summer days, it is advisable to pick up the bacteria in person to minimize the time that can affect the quality of the product.

Cold weather can also negatively affect the ferment and polyacetate coating.


Delivery is handled by Omniva/Venipak parcel machine in Latvia: from 3.70 EUR

Lietuva un Igaunija:

Delivery is handled by Omniva parcel machine in Lithuania or Estonia for 7.50 EUR and Venipak parcel machine for 5-6 EUR

Other EU countries:
from 15.00 EUR

We provide shipping for cheese cultures, bacteria and other cheese ingredients to European countries and not only to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.


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