Condensed milk recipe


  • milk 1l
  • sweet cream 35%, 500ml
  • sugar 300gr.

  1. Mix 1l of milk, 500ml of sweet cream and 300g of sugar in a large pot (no smaller than 5l).

  2. Put on the stove and heat up to t 100, stirring constantly °C, so as not to burn (you have to be a little more careful with induction cookers)

  3. Cook on maximum flame/power (depending on the hob). Important is foaming, which is the main component of condensed milk.

  4. As soon as foam appears, stop stirring.

  5. If the foam does not appear or is relatively small (it must be in a volume of 3-5 l, which fills the whole pot), put the lid on completely or partially. Keep an eye on the milk, so it does not escape.
  6. When the foam stays at its level and does not disappear when you remove the lid, then you move on to the next stage. You take off the lid and let the excess liquid evaporate while it holds foam. If the foam begins to fall rapidly, put back the lid, leaving as much space as possible to keep the foam level.
  7. It is permissible to adjust the stove temperature (reduce) at this stage if the foam escapes, but it is usually enough to adjust the lid.
  8. Continue to evaporate excess liquid from the mass while the foam itself (with the open cover) is held up.
  9. When the foam begins to fall, the next stage begins. The mass becomes more yellow.
  10. Classic condensed milk is ready when the foam disappears. Further cooking duration depends on the desired consistency (more liquid, thicker).
  11. Now you can stir and pour into another volume and let it cool.

Useful information:

  • The consistency of toffee candies can also be obtained from this mass by boiling it even longer.
  • Milk and sweet cream must be fresh. Sweet cream that has been skimmed with farm milk will not work as well because it has already soured a little. You must use a separator, or you have to buy sweet cream in the store. If you use skimmed sweet cream, then flakes will appear during the cooking process, which can form not a uniform mass but an emulsion (separation). But if you have a hand blender, this situation can be corrected by blending this mass.
  • Remember three steps to keep in mind: Step 1: Boil; Step 2: Retention of foam (bubbles); Stage 3: - Process.
  • Stir only until the boiling process begins.
  • There should always be a lot of foam in the second stage. If there is little foam, condensed milk will be much more liquid.
  • The more foam, the faster the condensed milk will be ready, and the more energy-efficient the preparation process.
  • Chilled condensed milk will be much thicker than hot, so it is preferable to pour it over while it is still hot so that less of it remains on the surface of the dishes.
  • If the mass has become heterogeneous, use a mixer or blender.


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